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We work closely with the people (at all levels) in organisations to develop their wide range of skills, experience and perspectives needed for success in a high-pressure ever-changing environment.

We can help your organisation gain increased performance in the following areas:-

Process Improvement
At Qabi Ltd we use Six Sigma methodologies to assist both manufacturing and service-based organisations gain benefit from vastly improved processes. We tailor Black Belt and/or Green Belt training courses to the abilities and knowledge of the workforce together with the needs of the organisation. This results in more focussed training and significant organisational savings. more

People Improvement
We design and tailor training and development programs for various levels of staff - from first line managers, to middle and senior management to directors. The programmes address the level of personal contribution needed for the continued growth of the organisation and delivers individual solutions to sustain continued success. more




We can thoroughly diagnose company and research market situations in order to produce detailed Marketing Strategies for the growth of an organisation. We have access to huge sources of Market Research Reports and Newspaper articles to assist in UK/global market research. Having recommended suitable growth strategies we can assist in the implementation of those plans.

Our team has experience in evaluating a number of projects including European Funded (ESF, SRB, etc) programmes, Government funded and other programmes. We can work to tight deadlines and produce cost-effective evaluations of many and varied complex projects.

New Business
We work closely with organisations assisting individuals wanting to set up in business for the first time. We can assist those organisations with pre-start ideas generation, pre-start training, assistance with funding application and production of business plans.

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