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The method to implement Six Sigma for non-manufacturing processes is simple: the same way we would implement it for engineering and manufacturing processes such as Motorola, Texas Instruments, GE, Lockhead Martin, Corning, Sony, etc, with only slight modifications. These modifications are typically confined to the type and depth of statistical tools that need to be included in the training. Obviously, the slant on applications must also be directed towards the non-manufacturing processes.

The Six Sigma tools and methodology must be taught to Directors, Specialists, Managers and staff at a level they can grasp and feel confident to apply. A proven instructional approach developed by QaBI Ltd is shown below:

We adopt a simple and practical approach, with the intention of avoiding statistical complexity. Statistics is not presented as an "end", but rather as a means to gaining knowledge for making good decisions that are critical for success.



There are a variety of Six Sigma tools and techniques, and we will use those relevant to the needs of the business and the level of staff knowledge and experience. Our training sessions are tailored around the Six Sigma methodologies and we work with people on real processes.

We will present a tool or method, give staff a chance to practice that tool in session, then have you apply that tools to your real time project, and finally, we get you to review the results of the application to your project. A final report will be written to document your success story and its impact on the company's bottom line.

For further information on our Black and Green Belt programmes please check the box on our contact page.

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