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Since 1991, Qa Business Improvement Ltd has been helping clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organisations. The capability of Qa Business Improvement Ltd is based on Brian Rothery’s experience and knowledge gained as a management consultant, and as a senior manager.

The focus of Qa Business Improvement Ltd in its work is in three general strands:

People - improving their contribution and effectiveness in the organisation by enabling them to create realistic workable and creative solutions to problems of change, people and resources.

Processes – improve business processes efficiency and effectiveness by significantly reducing error rates and cycle time. We assist companies on how to do things better, faster and at a lower cost.

Purpose – setting the right climate for successful organisational performance. In addition to setting demanding goals successful organisations work on the matching of those goals with expectations of their people in their beliefs, attitudes and values.


Qa Business Improvement Ltd works interactively with clients to clarify both the current situation and the opportunities for improvement. The project and action plan are reviewed and adjusted as necessary with the client. The objective of each project is for the client to own the process, to gain personally, in knowledge and skills, and to own the results.

Brian contributes, personally with every client project. Where the scope of the project requires multiple consultants, Brian will be assisted by colleagues from the company and associates.

Qa Business Improvement Ltd has experience in a wide range of business sectors: retail, financial services, high technology, manufacturing, Public Sector, Local Authority and business services.

Qa Business Improvement Ltd operate with low overheads. This makes it possible to offer clients sensible fee rates, which represent real value for money.

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